In April 2376, the command crew of the U.S.S. Casey Jones—all veterans of the Dominion War—were hand-picked by Admiral Paul Zammit for a special assignment: to guard and stablize the rimward region of space known as The Strand, a strategic area ravaged by the Dominion. Starfleet was short of ships and supplies and needed breathing room to rebuild. Their solution: use the 20th fleet to stablize the Federation’s outer borders, thereby keeping the inner worlds safe while they rebuild. So Starfleet deployed the 20th fleet as needed, starting with the Galaxy-Class testbed ship, the U.S.S. Casey Jones, NCC-72000.

In the years since her launch, the voyages of the U.S.S. Casey Jones have become legendary…and this crew is just getting warmed up. By order of the Federation President, the Casey Jones is now the flagship of the newly-created Special Ops. Fleet, and Admiral Zammit is now Admiral of said Fleet, as well as Special Operations advisor to the Federation President….Spock of Vulcan! This crew defines success by the problems they solve, the worlds they save, the conflicts they resolve, the rules they break, and the admirals they aggravate!

Star Trek: Casey Jones

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