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The Casey Jones Adventures begin in a rimward region of space known as The Strand. The Strand is a 20×20x40 light-year section of space that covers pocket between Federation and Klingon space. It comprises several star systems, rogue planets, uncharted areas, some Maquis survivors, nebulae, and leftover Jem Hadar bases. Most of the star systems contain independent/Federation-friendly worlds that are rebuilding. Other worlds are first-contact opportunities, at least when the Casey Jones first arrives. There is also a bizarre region in a nebula known as ‘The Dump’, which appears to be a dumping ground for space debris and refuse. It is rumored that some kind of large cosmic creature dwells in this region

Because of its strategic location and abundant natural resources, The Strand has always been vulnerable to pirates, varying degrees of lawlessness, and the Jem Hadar pillaging some of the local worlds for natural resources. The Dominion War prevented the local governments from dealing with lawlessness effectively. With the war over, local governments are now focusing again on pirates and regional conflicts, only to find that pirates, rogue government factions, and corrupt corporations are stronger than expected. This makes The Strand vulnerable to another potential attack from anyone looking to strike the Federation while they rebuild. Enter the U.S.S. Casey Jones.

Since the Casey Jones arrived in the Strand 5 years ago, much has happened. Asteroid Row, a nebula full of asteroids, is no longer a haven for pirates, rogue Jem Hadar, and Maquis survivors. The Casey Jones has rooted out any illegal operations, and in so doing has shut down one of the most corrupt entities outside the Orion Syndicate: BioResearch. The mining asteriods previously owned by BioResearch now belong to Winston Enterprises, and are a thriving operation. The Gamadan Confederacy, once a haven for dregs of the galaxy and controlled Nausicaans and founded by Gamadan Bika, is now governed by an elected council of chairs, and is growing into an economic and scientific hub for The Strand. Anyone who is anyone who wants to do business in The Strand goes through the Gamadan Confederacy. To promote The Strand as a place to do research and trade, Gamadan Prime hosts an annual SuperTrade summit, bringing together worlds from The Strand and other parts of the Federation.

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