Randoloph Phist

Science Officer and 2nd in Command on the USS Casey Jones


Randolph Phist was considered command material early on, passing the Starfleet Entrance Exam with one of the top 20 highest scores in Academy History.

During his Academy years, Phist proved to be as eccentric as he was brilliant. His powers of concentration were the envy of his classmates. He studied in just about every venue possible, be it the library, his dorm room during a party, or even while out on the town with his classmates. During one such outing, Phist and some of his classmates visited an exotic dancer bar. The main act was a stripper dominatrix named Mistress Sabrina. Everyone was watching her act… except Phist. His nose was buried in a PADD on transwarp dynamics. Mistress Sabrina took exception to this. She whipped the PADD out of his hand, then dragged him on the stage and forced him to lay on his back on the floor as she pranced over him. The crowd went bonkers. To his surprise, Phist enjoyed it as well.

After the Academy, Phist spent several tours on science ships, studying everything from emerging stars to wormholes. He also worked on the Pegasus project, where he met a young tinkerer named Robert Burns. When the project was shut down because of treaty violations, Phist and Burns were cleared of any wrongdoing, and continued to study cloaking device technology. Which is why both have an interest in the Romulan Cloaking Device operator Alidar T’bah.

Phist’s hobby is xenocryptozoology, the study of rare and legendary space creatures. One of his dreams was fulfilled by the discovery of ‘Elvis’, a kilometers tall space beast resembling a Terran Tazmanian Devil. One of his cherished possessions is a shard of the egg of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, a wedding present from Lt. Samzol.

Commander Phist is married to Velasca, head of the amazon marines on board the Casey Jones.

Randoloph Phist

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