Star Trek: Casey Jones

The First Mission--Unfinished Business

The Dominion War is over. Can the crew of the USS Casey Jones prevent another war?

Admiral Zammit ended his briefing w/the Casey Jones command crew, assuring them that he’ll do everything he can to back them up. He also repeats that it is imperative that they get the ship back intact since Starfleet is so short on ships right now.

The command crew reviewed the mission background as they headed to their ship, berthed at Drydock 6. The Excelsior-Class Dreadnought USS Star Union was piloted out of its berth at Starbase 8. Security systems were disabled, suggesting an inside job. However, Starbase security managed to obtain footage of unidentified officers penetrating checkpoints, boarding the ship, and making off w/her. So far no other starship encountered her, but some commercial ships reported seeing an older starship heading toward Starbase 31, near Klingon Space.

The mission: find the Star Union and bring her back. Seems easy enough; the Star Union was an older ship. The Casey Jones was a Galaxy Class cruiser. The problem: the Star Union was an armed, functioning, battle-tested warhorse, while the Casey Jones couldn’t even replicate a sandwich.

While Monteleone and the command crew made their way to the bridge (tripping over debris and fumbling through poorly lit corridors), Burns studied the ship’s upgrades from Engineering: Mono-refracting hull plating, Polaron-resistant shielding, Tri-cobalt devices, and ACB Jacketing. Experimental systems included MAM override and anti-cloak scan. Great, Byrnes thought to himself. Too bad none of this stuff works…yet.

En route to Starbase 8, just about every system that could break down did. At one point, the Casey Jones targeted what the sensors told them was a Borg cube, but turned out to be an unmanned freighter. Luckily, the sensors recalibrated in time. Then the replicators started spewing out tomato sauce instead of peanut butter. Through the power blackouts and system crashes, Byrnes and his crack crew of engineers and the ship’s contingent of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, managed to jury-rig the ship enough to reach Starbase 8.

At Starbase 8, Samzol studied the security footage and managed to identify the officers in the footage and account for them. It turns out that one of them, Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Beckman, was reported killed weeks before the Star Union was stolen.

With repairs complete, including a computer with a personality, the Casey Jones cruised toward Starbase 31. They updated Admiral Zammit and notified the Klingons just in case. Starbase 31 was already on alert, and transmitted a message gathered from Starfleet Intelligence: the former officers were not happy w/the way the war ended, and they wanted to stage an attack on one of the worlds in The Strand: Terrapin.

The Casey Jones changed course to Terrapin and went to maximum warp. Problem was, some of the ship’s secondary systems were still malfunctioning, so Lt. Cmdr Byrnes and his team worked double shifts just to take care of the repairs while keeping the ship flying. In going through the Intelligence message from Starbase 31, Lt. Cmdr. Samzol and Cmdr. Phist uncovered another plan: the renegade officers wanted to ransom the Star Union…NOT to the highest bidder but to Starfleet. It wasn’t how much the highest bidder would pay to buy the Star Union after she carried out her attack, it was how much Starfleet was willing to pay to get her back!

With clever navigating by Lt. Cmdr. Canyon, AND because the Star Union had to stop and make some repairs, the Casey Jones caught up to the Star Union just as she entered The Strand. In the ensuing battle, the Casey Jones sustained moderate damage and managed to disable the Star Union by targeting her third warp nacelle.

While Byrnes made repairs, Captain Monteleone contacted Terrapin and informed them that the Star Union was captured. Then he boarded the Star Union to inspect her. In the captain’s quarters, he unlocked the command lockouts, including encrypted log entries. He found disturbing evidence that a Klingon renegade, Toral, engineered the Star Union’s theft. Meanwhile, Cmdr. Phist and Cmdr. Samzol scanned the injured renegade officers and confirmed that one of them, the one impersonating Lt. Cmdr. Beckman, was a Klingon spy sent by Toral.

The Casey Jones transferred the Star Union to a recovery crew sent by Starfleet, then headed toward her next mission in the Gamadan Confederacy in The Strand. En route, Captain Monteleone received a voice distorted message from Toral. He warns Monteleone that the Casey Jones will pay for their interference with his plans, and the Toral himself looks forward to making an example of Monteleone, just as he did with all his other enemies.


Hey John I changed Burns To Byrnes on this log entry you should do it to the others.

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